About us

Finnish Academy of Marketing aims at increasing the awareness of the research, teaching and state of knowledge in the field of marketing. Academy has set a goal to upkeep and refine marketing science as a discipline by organizing events, seminars and international scientific conferences. Above all, we aim at bringing marketing academics, teachers and practitioners together in different types of events to share their knowledge and wisdom.

How we handle personal information?

Personal information is managed by the association within guidelines of the GDPR. Association collects following information from members: first name, last name and email. Information is not handed over to anybody. Information is not stored on the internet. Members have right to decline any communication at any time including emails. Additionally, member has right to ask deletion of all personal information at any time or request to see own member information. This can be done by sending email to any of the members of the board. Further, information collected from the member is used for member communication and when member is no longer a member such communication is stopped and all member information is deleted.


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